A New Update About Training


Each course contains an online ground school and test prep, and students can obtain completion certificates that allow them to take FAA knowledge tests after completing the online courses. If students have questions along the way, they can ask Sporty’s flight instructors by phone or email. “Everyone studies differently,” said Bret Koebbe, Sporty’s vice president of video. “Now, students can pick their platform and decide for themselves how they want to use it.” Koebbe said Sporty’s has been working on the upgrade for one year, and the Ohio-based company made large technology investments to provide a better customer experience. Sporty’s has operated its own flight school for many years, and the school serves as a laboratory for online content. Sporty’s students typically take the online ground school and basics pass FAA knowledge tests before they start flight training. Tens of thousands of student pilots have used the Sporty’s online training content in the last decade, company officials said. Each course gives students real-time reports on how they’re doing in a variety of subject areas. It also provides online flash cards that enable them to focus intensively on certain topics.


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The Palo Alto, California-based company uses technology to help homeowners maintain their properties. The company uses thermal and satellite imagery to help track changes to properties. The company also gives policyholders smart home device kits that help detect problems such as water and fire damage. Aside from its tech, Wand said Hippo resonates with customers because of an enhanced consumer experience along with its more modern policies that include coverage of possessions like appliances, electronics and home offices. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Hippo has seen significant growth, Wand said. In July, the company’s total written premiums reached $270 million, a 140 percent increase year over year. In the second quarter, Hippo’s sales increased by 60 percent year over year. Hippo will look to continue that growth through both organic and inorganic means, Wand said. The company will evaluate acquisition opportunities with the new money, eyeing both new talent  and additional capabilities, Wand said.