A Novel Update About Training


Read more | Add your comment As we approach a holiday season that for find out more most, if not all, of us will look different this year, we are mindful that along with ... Read more | Add your comment The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. November 23 Injured person, Godwin Boulevard All other fraud, ... Read more | Add your comment Published 7:33 pm Friday, November 27, 2020 A new establishment in the heart of downtown Suffolk looks to fill stomachs with good food and coffee as well as to fill heads and hearts with financial knowledge and passion. Wall Street Café, located at 118 W. Washington St., is owned by two local entrepreneurs who are passionate about spreading knowledge on finances, investing and wealth-building. Domenick Epps and Danita Hayes knew from the start that their vision would become a reality, even as many obstacles were thrown in their path. “The world said, ‘You can’t open up a business in the middle of COVID-19,’ but God said different,” Hayes said. Agreed Epps: “Because it was God’s will, not ours, it had no choice but to succeed,” he said. Epps saw the vision for the business late last year and shared it with Hayes, as the two were already business partners on other ventures.